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The Next AI Challenge

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

In the last day or so, I have started seriously working on the next AI Challenge, which I hope to launch in early May. The first step is to choose a game to use for the contest. This morning I came up with a short list of decent two-player strategy games, and created a Google Form to allow people to vote for their favorites. After posting the form on Reddit, I managed to get almost 600 votes in a fairly short period of time. Here are the results.

Clearly, Chess is a terrible idea. Aside from that, all the other games are completely tied. Go seems to be slightly ahead, but that could just be a fluke. Overall, these results don’t seem to be very helpful. How should I decide which game to pick?

Google AI Challenge Launched!

Monday, February 1st, 2010

We just officially launched the Google AI Challenge at the University of Waterloo.  Around 50 people attended the kickoff event today in MC 3003.  Many of them have already submitted simple entries, as you can see on the leaderboard!

This sudden onslaught on “real” users has helped focus our attention on a few issues.  First, there is a serious deficit of content on the website to help users get off the ground with their entries.  This should be mostly fixed within a few days.  Also, the Tron simulator that is currently part of the starter packages doesn’t work on Windows.  This seriously sucks, and I have to fix it ASAP.

Otherwise, everything seems to be running smoothly.  The contest backend is chugging along without complaint.  A few contestant expressed an interest in implementing advanced algorithms like A* pathfinding and Alpha-Beta search, which hopefully will keep UW from getting mauled when the competition opens at other schools.