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Google AI Challenge Goes Viral

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Today I had quite a shock when I checked the Google Analytics page for the Google AI Challenge website.  Yesterday, the daily traffic graph looked like this:

I had been pumping up the contest for a couple days, fighting for every additional visit I could get.  I had finally managed to get over 500 unique visitors in one day!  Very rewarding.
You can imagine my shock when I checked the Google Analytics today to find that the graph looked like this:
Wow.  Yesterday we had about 100 users, mostly from the University of Waterloo.  When I woke up today, we had 300 users from 37 different countries.  That happened fast.
So, what happened?  Where is all this traffic coming from?  Google Analytics tells me that most of the spike is coming from this Hacker News article and this Reddit thread.  I am hoping that the contest is in the early stages of going viral, and that the trend continues upwards.  On the other hand, this could prove to be a one-time spike.  I’ll update in a couple days to let you know what happened!